What are traded and local clusters?

Traded industries are those that are located in particular regions but sell products across regions and countries. (Delgado, Bryden, & Zyontz). In contrast, local industries are dispersed throughout the nation. Their presence in a particular region tends to be proportional to the region’s size, since these industries primarily serve the local market. Examples of local industries would be real estate services, hospitals, etc. Traded Clusters are formed by grouping traded industries and likewise the groups of local industries form local clusters.

How to compare clusters across regions?

The Data by Cluster Tool allows users to compare regions across various clusters. It shows data for job creation, GVA vs Cluster Share and GVA vs Total Output.

How to compare clusters within a region?

The Cluster by Region tool allows users to view and analyse the different clusters present in a region. It shows the local and traded cluster composition of regions and employment across clusters.

How to identify industries in a cluster?

For information about which 5-digit industries belong to a particular cluster please look at Cluster Definitions.


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